Employees' Pension Insurance

While you are a TYPE 2 Insured, covered by the Employees' Pension Insurance plan, you are treated as if you are enrolled in the National Pension Insurance Plan too, through it. In addition, you receive more benefits than a TYPE 1 Insured does. A major feature of this plan is to be closely combined with the Social Health Insurance plan. That is, as is the case of the Social Health Insurance plan, the employer of an insured are supposed to settle the enrollment procedures and bear a half of the premiums.
The enrollment procedures for a TYPE 3 Insured are also taken by the employer, based on the application by her/his spouse, who is a TYPE 2 Insured working under the employer's company.
Do not forget the appropriate procedures to join the National Pension Insurance plan again when you quit the working place. It is because you shall secede from the Employees' Pension Insurance plan by the retirement. Many ex-TYPE 3 insureds omit the necessary procedures to join the National Pension Insurance plan when their spouses, with whom they are accepted into the plan, quit their working plance.

The amount of the pension benefits from the Employees' Pension Insurance varies for the insureds, according to the premiums amount they have contributed. The premiums amount are prescribed in accordance with the salary/bonus level of the each insured. This variation is a major difference from the National Pension Insurance plan.

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Insurence Premiums

Roughly speaking, the Amount of premiums for this plan is calculated by multiplying the prescribed rate to the salaries and bonuses amount of the relevant insured.
Similarly to the case of the Social Health Insurance plan, the premiums amount is calculated only by the amount of hie/her salaried and bonuses level. It is also the same that a half of the premiums are borne by the employer and that the premiums borne by the insured themselves are deducted from the salaries/bonuses.

The present rate of the premiums is 18.300%(in general. Those for sailormen or some others are a little higher.), for 1 year from September 2017. These years the premiums rate is rising every year.

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