National Pension Insurance

Japanese Public Pension Insurance system is run by Japan Pension Service, an extradepartmental body of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. A branch of Japane Pension Service is called "Pension Bureau", NENKIN JIMUSHO.
Although the enrollment procedures for the National Pension Insurance plan shall be accepted ath the Municipal office where you live, the subsequent processes are conducted at a Pension Bureau.
A TYPE 1 insured, covered by the National Pension Insurance plan, shall get in touch with the Pension Bureau directly more often, than a TYPE 2 insured or a TYPE 3 insured may do.

If you are a TYPE 1 insured for 40 years and contribute the premiums for all the period, the amount of the annual pension benefits is approximately 800 thousands yen. You shall receive about 130 thousands yen every 2 months. Some items, such as the National Income tax and Nursing-care Insurance premiums may be deducted from it under the withholding tax system/the Special collection method.

Please take care not to lose a Withholding Tax Slip ( GENSEN CHOSHU HYOU ) sent to you at the mid January, in a form of postalcard. It is a very useful and indispensable document to handle procedures relating to the pension revenues, including the Income tax filing.

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Insurence Premiums

The TYPE 1 insureds are required to pay the samen amouont of premiums, regardless of age, gender or income level. The premium amount for 2017 is 16,490yen per month.

You shall pay these premiums with payment slips sent from the Pension Bureau at a financial insitute or a convenient store, in principle. However, I recommend you to pay with the automatic transfer from your bank account. You avoid botheration only by submitting the appropriate application.

Please note you have to keep the Certificate of Premiuims , issued and sent to you with a postalcard form, by the Pension Bureas in November. It is the most clear evidence that you contribute the relevant premiums of the National Pension Insurance Plan. Particularly at the Income tax filing, you can claim the Social Insurance Premiums Deduction for the pension insurance premiums only when you attach the certificate to the prescribed document.

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