Social Health Insurance Plan

The Social Health Insurance Plan covers regular workers at appicable offices and their dependents. Recently, more people has gotten accepted into the plan. Even if your work time is shorter than regular workers, you may be enrolled to this plan under certain conditions.

Generally, the Social Health Insurance plan is assumed as more favorable for the insured than the National Health Insurance plan. The major benefit by them is the same. It is to enable the insured to visit a doctor by paying only 30% of the medical expenses. But, there are some differences in some points. Roughly speaking, benefits provided by the Social Health Insurance plan are wider a little.

There are 2 types of insurers for this plan.They are Social Health Insurance Unions and the Health Insurance Association of Japan( Zenkoku Kenko Hoken Kyokai). The former are established mainly by big groups of private companies. The latter is a public body. It is usually not a major concern for the insureds which type of the insures covers them. The each insured can not select his/her insurer after all. And there are very few and minor differences brought up by the type of the insurers.

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Enrollment Procedures

The procedures for the enrollment in the Social Health Insurance Plan are prescribed to be conducted by the employers. They are supposed to judge the qualification for enrollment of their workers and claim it on behalf of them if necessary. So, you do not have to do any troublesome work for it.

Nevertheless, some employers omit the necessary procedures by accident of intentionally. In some cases, the reason is that the employers are not experienced in such desk works. However, there are more serious cases. Generally speaking, to have their employees join in this plan ibrings up a large financial burden on the employer, as I tell in the following chapter. So, it is not absolutely rare that a small company yields to temptation to ignore the obligation.
Maybe, It is difficult for you, an employee, to change your employer's mind. but, I recommend you to check you are enrolled in the appropriate plan, at least.

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Insurance Premiums

The Insurance premiums of this plan is calculated according to the caluculation table prepared by the insurer. The premiums amount can vary by the insurers, but only little. If you are insured by Health Insurance Association of Japan, living in Tokyo, the premiu rate after March 2018 is 9.90%.

While the amount of the National Health Insurance plan is calculated variously on different kinds of calculation elements, that of the Social Health Insurance plan is calculated based on your salaries and bonuses alone. This is one of the most important difference between these 2 plans.

And, another difference is that the Social Health Insurance premiums are borne by the employer to the half. So, generally speaking, the burden on the insured is less than that on the insured with the same level of earnings who enrolls the National HEalth Insurance plan. In other words, the employers are made to bear the burden. It is never light, especially for small companies. Please note your employer pays far more than what you receive directly.

The premiums borne by the each insured shall be deducted from monthly salaries and bonuses. It is similar to the income tax under the withholding tax system or the inhabitant tax under the Special collection sysytem. The premius are paid to the insurer by the relevant employer together with the premius borne by the employer.

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