Public Health Insurance

A Public Health Insurance is an insurance system to enable the insured to secure medical expenses, which can be too expensive to prepare by himself/herself.
In some countries, whether or not to join a public health insurance is left at his/her will. However, in Japan, all residents are supposed to join it. So, people regard the insurance premiums as one kind of taxes. Actually, a Japanese public insurance system is not a simple mutual-aid system but something closely connected to the govermental policy. Some part of the premiums can be used for those who do not join the insurance plan, elders, because the generation can not cover their medical expenses apt to be high. Conversely, very large amount from the national budget are allotted to cover the deficiency of the insurance system.

〔In Japanese〕


3 main systems

There are 3 main plans as the Public health insurance system. I introduce them as below.

A. Social Health Insurance Plan, called in Japanese "SHAKAI HOKEN"
B. National Health Insurance Plan, called in Japanese "KOKUMIN KENKOH HOKEN" or "KOKUHO"
C. Long-life Medical Insurance Plan, called in Japanese " KOHKI KOHREISHA IRYOU HOKEN"

I am afraid that you can not guess the substances from its name. Especially, it may apply to SHAKAI HOKEN.

〔In Japanese〕


A. 社会保険
B. 国民健康保険
C. 後期高齢者医療保険


Classification of the insured

All people in Japan shall join one of the public health insurance plan. Please check who are supposed to be covered by each.

A. Social Health Insurance
This plan shall cover people described below.
(1). Regular workers at applicable companies, under age of 75
(2). Dependents of the foregoing, who meet all of the following conditions
. a.He/She is economically supported by the insured.
. b.He/She is aged under 75.
. c.His/Her annual income should be less than a certain amount.
. d.His/Her annual income should be less than a half of the insured.

B. National Health Insurance
This plan shall cover people descrived below.
(1). Self-employed people, under age of 75
(2). Non-employed people, under age of 75
(3). Others who do not join the Social Health Insurance Plan, under age of 75

C. Long-life Medical Insurance Plan
THis plan shall cover people aged 75 or over.

〔In Japanese〕


A. 社会保険
(1). 適用事業所の継続的な労働者で、75歳未満の方
(2). 前項の方の被扶養親族として、次の条件のすべてを満たす方
. a.被保険者によって、扶養されていること
. b.75歳未満であること
. c.その所得が一定額未満であること
. d.その所得が被保険者の半分未満であること

B. 国民健康保険
(1). 自営業者で、75歳未満の方
(2). 無職の者で、75歳未満の方
(3). その他社会保険に加入していない人で、75歳未満の方

C. 後期高齢者医療保険