Japanese Public Nursing care Insurance

Overview of Japanese Nursing care insurance system

The Nursing care Insurance system has been introduced in Japan, to secure nursing care expenses for the elders and the challenged people. It is different from the public health insurance system, but closely connected with the system. It can be positioned as a supplementary system to the health insurance system. Indeed, it is practically difficult to clearly distinguish between the nursing care and the medical treatment in our aging society.

The main benefit of this system is to provide nursing care expenses in case the physical or mental conditions of an insured get bad. When an insured would like to claim the benefits of this insurance system, he/she has to obtain an advanced qualification. The qualification is classified into 7 grades according to the conditions.

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Types of the insureds

The enrollment in this system is mandatory and Japanese residents have to join this system when they reach the age of 40.
The insureds are classified into 2 types due to their age. There are differences according to the insured types about the width of the eligible cases and the collection method of the premiums.

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Insurance premiums

Insurance premiums on Type 1 insureds

The Insurance premiums of the Nursing care insurance system on TYPE 1 insureds are determined and notified by the municipality office, which is responsible for the operation of this system. The premiums amount can vary by the municipalities you live. You shall receive the notice in every April.

The premiums shall be deducted from the public pension revenues under the Special collection method.
However, in case your public pension revenue is less then 180,000yen per year, the Special collection method does not work, and you are supposed to pay the premiums by yourself with payment slips sent from the relevant bureau. You are supposed to pay them in 10 installments at the end of the each month from June through next March. You can pay it by the automatic transfer from your bank account.

Insurance premiums on Type 2 insureds

For the Type 2 Insured, the Nursing care Insurance system may look as if it is an accessory to the public health insurance system. The premiums are collected in a lump sum together with the premiums of the public health insurance plan the respective insureds join.

If you are covered by the Social Health Insurance plan through the Tokyo branch of Japan Health Insurance Association, the premium rate is 1.82%. It is collected together with the 10.00% of the Social health insurance premiums. A half of the both is borne by the employer.

As for the case you are covered by the National Health Insurance plan, the insurance premiums of the Nursing care insurance system shall be collected in a lump sum with the premiums of the National health insurance plan. You shall pay the premiums to the insurer body by the payment method you take for the National health insurance premiums.

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もし、東京で協会けんぽ に加入している場合には、介護保険料率は1.82%であり、その介護保険料は10.00%の健康保険料とあわせて徴収され、かつ、その半分は雇い主によって負担されます。